Books and Zines are a potent way to share artwork outside of the confines of art galleries and art institutions. Outside of sharing art work books and zines tell stories and can give both literal and abstract insight into an artist life, and thought process.

The Unwinding Hours

The Unwinding Hours is a collection of drawings completed throughout 2019. These drawings act as an abstract self portrait, and offer a window into my world. The original sketchbook this piece was created in is a hand bound recycled sketchbook made from discarded envelopes. The recycled sketchbook was a gift from Stephanie Gobea. The cover is a collaboration with her, and there’re also a few more of her illustrations in this book.

The Unwinding Hours, Zine, 2019 – 2020

Moldy Divine Plates

Moldy Divine Plates is a small collection of patterns that started as die-cut water color paintings. After an accident this set of water colors started to mold, so there patterns where traced and turned into this zine/coloring book.

Moldy Divine Plates, 6 page zine


33 is a collection of drawings completed mostly while riding Metro bus 33 to and from work. 33 is a surreal abstract love story about a relationship falling apart.

33, Zine, 2018